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Hi, I'm Wai Yee!

This is typically where I introduce myself, but it is not an easy thing to do without boring you. Instead, allow my clients, teammates, and people I trained and worked with tell you through their testimonials below.

What do I do here at SWEAT! ?

I coach (fitness, strength & conditioning and Netball), and write and speak. I am also a health coach. I sound like a jack of all trades. But these are my professional "DNA." Take a look at my profile, and it will make sense,

All work and no play makes me a dull coach. Play to me is giving back to society. In 2015, I started the SWEAT! Cares program. I rally my clients to do good together twice a year. To date, we visited senior citizens to share Christmas joy, cleaned up Kallang River with the Waterways Watch Society, volunteered with Meals on Wheels, and many more. I am always looking for new ideas. If you have any ideas for me, please contact me.



Outdoor HIIT

Outdoor HIIT is coached at high intensity, and it is a bootcamp styled workout. But I also adjust the intensity according to each individual, by providing harder or simpler versions of the planned exercises.

This class happens on every Monday 7p.m to 8p.m and Sat 10a.m to 11a.m only.


WhatsApp 81687715 to book a session.


Or check for availability. 

Strength & Conditioning (S&C)

Strength training (sports specific or general) or speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) centred sessions are available. Suitable for athletes in sports that require this set of attributes, and intermediate to high performance athletes

Sessions are by appointment only.

WhatsApp 81687715 to book a session.

Or check for availability. 

Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?


Health Coaching is engaging a coach to help you in a long term lifestyle change, for the purpose of improving general health and wellness. Lifestyle changes can be weight management, improving diet, stress management, etc or combinations. Helping you to devise a self accountable plan to increase your self-reliance would be key in the coaching process.

The number of health coaching sessions needed will depend on individual's needs,  

Sessions by appointment only.


Or check for availability. 

Health Coaching and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE certified 

Writing, Speaking & Netball


- Health and fitness

- Training & S&C

- sporting & coaching journey

- short term netball team coaching

- netball workshop 

- others upon request

For writing and speaking, I communicate and state my takeaways clearly. I have written content for SWEAT! IG, newsletters and websites. I have also spoken at various workshops and seminars. 

I trained with Wai Yee when I first lived in Singapore. She is a motivating coach and we also became friends. She paid a lot of attention to my mobility as I spent best part of my day sitting at my job, while she challenged me with my strength achievement.

I did both PT and group training sessions with Wai Yee and quickly saw a transformation in body composition.

Steve Brown, Managing Director for Asia, Chapmen CG

Join in the fun

Netball Personal Coaching

Training venue


Phone/Whatsapp: +65 81687715

We are not hiring. Job enquiry emails or messages will not be replied. But, all the best to your job hunt.

We also will not reply to  product/services partnership emails.

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Contact Us

Hi, I look forward to e-meeting you. 

Thanks for getting in touch!  

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